Lactose tolerance
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Product information "Lactose tolerance"
Heilnatura Lactose tolerance

Contains lactase which is an enzyme responsible for the digestion of milk sugar (lactose). Some people have a deficiency of this enzyme, which can lead to lactose intolerance. Taking lactase supplements can offer various benefits in such cases. 

The combination of lactase, lactobacteria powder with guar gum and fibrulose can provide several benefits for digestion and gut health:

Lactase: Digestion of lactose: Lactase is an enzyme that supports the breakdown of milk sugar (lactose). Taking lactase supplements enables people with lactose intolerance to digest dairy products better and reduce digestive problems.

Lactobacteria powder: Promotion of the intestinal flora: Lactobacteria are probiotic bacteria that can support intestinal health. They help maintain a balanced gut flora and can improve immune function. Digestive support: Lactobacteria can help to promote digestion by improving the absorption of nutrients and stimulating the production of short-chain fatty acids.

Guar gum:
Source of fibre: Guar gum is rich in fibre, which can promote intestinal health. Fibre supports healthy digestion by regulating bowel movements and promoting the formation of benign bacteria in the gut. Blood sugar control: Fibre can help to stabilise blood sugar levels, which can be particularly beneficial for people with diabetes.

Fibrulose: Prebiotic effect: Fibrulose is a prebiotic fibre that serves as food for probiotic bacteria in the intestine. By promoting the growth of these bacteria, fibrulose contributes to the maintenance of healthy intestinal flora.

The combined intake of these components can have synergistic effects and support various aspects of digestion and gut health.

Consumption recommendation:  Take 2 capsules daily before meals with plenty of liquid.

Contents:  60 Capsules

Ingredients per capsule: 
Ingredients                              Share (2capsules)
Lactase                                    100mg
Lactobacteria powder             200mg
Guar gum                                 500mg
Fibrulose                                  100mg

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