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Product information "Pro-Biosan"
Heilnatura Pro-Biosan

Bacterial strain blends, especially in the form of probiotics, offer various benefits for gut health and overall well-being. Both psyllium husk powder and black seed extract are often used to support digestion, gut health, anti-inflammation and the immune system. Below are some of the benefits of the ingredients:

Improved intestinal health: Probiotics contain beneficial strains of bacteria that can support the intestinal flora. Healthy intestinal flora is important for good digestion, the absorption of nutrients and strengthening the immune system.

Strengthening the immune system: A large part of our immune system is located in the gut. Probiotics can help to improve the balance of intestinal bacteria and thus strengthen immune function.

Improvement of digestion: Probiotics can help reduce digestive disorders such as bloating, constipation or diarrhea by restoring the healthy bacterial population in the gut.

Support with food intake: Some strains of bacteria in probiotics produce enzymes that can help with the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients.

Prevention of antibiotic-associated problems: Antibiotics can also destroy beneficial gut bacteria. Taking probiotics during and after antibiotic treatment can help maintain the balance of gut flora and reduce diarrhea or other associated problems. A combination of different strains can produce synergistic effects and better support digestive health.

Consumption recommendation:  Take 2x2 capsules daily before a meal with plenty of liquid.

Inhalt:  60 capsules

Ingredients (4capsules): 
Ingredients                              share
Guarkernmehl Pulver              200mg
Bacterial strain mixture          800mg
corresponds to 2,5 Mrd. KBE/g**          
Psyllium husk powder            720mg
Black cumin extract                240mg

**zum Zeitpunkt der Abfüllung

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Very good




28 February 2024 15:00

Bewertung von George Walter B.

bia jetzt mit biosan habe ich kein problem.

27 February 2024 18:48


Schon nach wenigen Tagen war Stuhlgang normal.

27 January 2024 12:30

Bewertung von Klaus S.

Super Produkt, meine Darmbeschwerden bessern sich langsam. A6f jeden Fwll zufrieden.

9 January 2024 16:20


Tolles Produkt. Kann ich nur empfehlen.