Balm Assil (100g)

Balsam "Assil" (100 ml)
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The formula includes: shilajit, eleuterococcus. In the convalescence period it’s extremely... more

Product information "Balm Assil (100g)"

The formula includes: shilajit, eleuterococcus.

In the convalescence period it’s extremely important to observe a number of rules and unfailingly pay attention to the recovery of functions of the gastrointestinal tract, weakened by taking of medicinal products. The rules are simple, but many of us, hurrying to return to the usual mode of life, forget about them. Such rashness results in 2-3 sick leaves in a row. What can one do if affairs can’t wait and it’s necessary to set the body in order as soon as possible?

“Assil” balm by TENTORIUM® is a fitting solution for such issue! Due to natural components in its formula, it accelerates recovery processes of the body, restores the function of the gastrointestinal tract, performing a natural tonifying effect. Unique natural components have universal properties, therefore, “Assil” will do for both adults and elderly people with fragile bones and joints arousing concerns.

How to use: 
dissolve 1 teaspoonful in 200 ml of any non-alcoholic drink, take in the morning 30 minutes before meal.

Expert’s commentary: 
The two basic ingredients of the product are shilajit and eleuterococcus. Shilajit furthers improvement of the metabolism, has general strengthening properties. Eleuterococcus is a natural adaptogene, a product, increasing the body’s resistance to the influence of adverse factors of the environment.
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