Balm "A-P-V" (4 x 15g)

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  The formula includes:  propolis, purified shungited silver-enhanced water How do... more

Product information "Balm "A-P-V" (4 x 15g)"

 The formula includes: propolis, purified shungited silver-enhanced water

How do we express our love to our nearest and dearest? Embraces, words of encouragement and consolation, everyday care for their wellbeing and health... How much we worry if our beloved people happen to fall ill and how much we want to bring their recovery closer. All of us can remember how we used to run to a pharmacy to buy a pyretic for a child, how we cooked chicken broths or fruit drinks for ailing family members. Trying to safeguard our nearest against diseases we ask them to wear warmer clothes or not to stand in the draught. Clearly, all this is the display of care and love. 

Everyone will agree: the more we do to prevent illnesses, the less we have to deal with hospitals and medicines. 

The know-how of TENTORIUM® — aqueous extract of propolis. 

Silver-enhanced “A-P-V” will help to strengthen the immunity and will become an additional health protector in the periods of epidemics. This product with a powerful anti-inflammatory action helps the body to fight infections, furthers normalization of functions of the gastrointestinal tract. 

Propolis increases the body’s physiological resistance under adverse environmental conditions. It is the leader among other products in terms of antioxidative activity and the content of bioflavanoids.

How to use: 
to strengthen immunity take 1 dessert spoonful 3 times a day 15-20 minutes before meal for 1-1.5 months.

Expert’s commentary: 
The key ingredient of “A-P-V” — propolis — has evident antiviral activity, it inhibits development of viruses of influenza, herpes, hepatitis. Due to the aqueous base, “A-P-V” may be taken by children, drivers and pregnant women.
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