Balm Kninazi (200g)

Balsam "Chinasi" (200 ml)
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The formula includes: propolis extract, extracts birch leaves, immortelle flowers, comarum... more
Product information "Balm Kninazi (200g)"
The formula includes: propolis extract, extracts birch leaves, immortelle flowers, comarum roots, hyperici herba, common horsetail, wild rose fruits, leaves of bearberry, basil.

Favorite shoes get too tight by the evening, in the morning you wake up with your face swollen, and it’s difficult to open your eyes – is such situation familiar? Such problem as swelling shouldn’t be left unattended. 

There can be various causes of swelling: starting with liking for salty and spicy dishes and down to serious problems with kidneys and heart. If you face the symptoms of swelling quite often, you should consult a doctor without delay and provide the first aid to your body as soon as possible. 

Especially for such cases TENTORIUM® developed “Khinazi” balm — an excellent remedy for normalization of water-salt metabolism. The balm helps to normalize the processes of excretion of excess water, salts and wastes, recovers joint mobility and impaired metabolism, furthers preservation of active longevity.

How to use: 
From 1/2 to 2 teaspoonfuls 2 times a day before noon, take with “TENTORIUM Plus” or “Bee Bread” dragees.

Expert’s commentary: 
The ingredients of the balm in the traditional and popular medicines are used for prophylaxis of cardiovascular and kidney diseases, have evident diuretic and anti- inflammatory action, further excretion of salts and wastes from the body, recover the metabolism.
Muskel- und Skelettsystem: yes
Blutkreislauf: yes
Harn- und Geschlechtsapparat: yes
Pflege für die Gelenke: yes
Korrektur des Körpergewichts: yes
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