Apibalm 1 (100g)

Balsam "Apibalsam 1" (100 ml)
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The formula includes: propolis extract, vegetable oil, propolis, beeswax. There are many... more

Product information "Apibalm 1 (100g)"

The formula includes: propolis extract, vegetable oil, propolis, beeswax.

There are many jobs for which voice is the key work tool. Teachers explain educational materials for several lessons in a row, guides hold many-hours-long excursions, telling about sights, singers and actors perform on the stage in front of audiences of many thousands, presenters hold TV and radio programs on air... And all of them face rigorous speech exertions on a daily basis which might cause chorditis. 

However that doesn’t mean that one has to give up one’s favorite occupation, as there is a wonderful remedy which can have a preventive effect, preserve a healthy voice and recover it quickly in the event of disorders – “Apibalm 1” by TENTORIUM®! 

Propolis extract in the formula of the balm has a beneficial effect on oral mucosa, respiratory organs, helping to cope with symptoms of bronchopulmonary diseases.

How to use: 
dilute 1 teaspoonful in some warm water or milk. Use as applications on nasal and oral mucosa.

Expert’s commentary: 
Propolis has a healing, anti- inflammatory, antiviral and bactericide actions. The balm may be used for applications in cases of oral diseases (stomatitises, small ulcers, bleeding gums), as well as for prophylaxis of rhinites and other cold symptoms.
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