Balm Apihit (15ml)

Balm aus Tanne "Api-Hit" 15 gr.
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The formula includes: includes: low-molecular chitosan, water fraction of CO 2 -extraction... more

Product information "Balm Apihit (15ml)"

The formula includes: includes: low-molecular chitosan, water fraction of CO 2 -extraction (cell fluid) of Siberian fir.

Foreign substances or “xenobiotics” (from the Greek “xenos” – “foreign”, “bios” – “life”) are the substances which the body can not use to produce energy or build any of its parts. Accumulated in the human body, those “strangers” can cause constant allergy, immune disorders and result in oncological diseases. “ApiHit” Balm performs two functions at once: it supports the immunity and helps to remove everything unwanted from the body, having a holistic effect on it. 

A few drops of the balm per day will help to cope with the main “metropolitan diseases”, improving health. You won’t even notice how you will get much more vigor, find energy for sport and active recreation and many health problems will back away.

How to use:
It’s recommended to take it 3 times a day 30 minutes before meal, by adding 5-7 drops to warm drinks

Expert’s commentary:
The balm is based on low- molecular chitosan and CO -extract, a natural sorbent, it binds and removes foreign substances and “bad” cholesterol from the body, furthers body purification and weight reduction. CO 2 -extract of siberian fir is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.
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