Api-Cream (50ml)

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The formula includes: pollen (pollen pellet), honey, beeswax, propolis extract, bee tincture.... more

Product information "Api-Cream (50ml)"

The formula includes: pollen (pollen pellet), honey, beeswax, propolis extract, bee tincture.

There are people who don’t need weather forecasts, their bodies notify them of weather changes. “A headache means rain, permanent sleepiness means weather changes”. Such people are called meteosensitive and their lives are not easy.

Natural remedies in the formula of “Api-cream” are as reliable as folk wisdom, they will help to return to normal life style and to cope with meteosensitivity.

Regular use of the cream furthers quick adaptation of the body to weather changes and will help to readjust quickly in the event of change of time zones. The cream can be used as an additional product for point massage for prevention of cerebral circulation disorders, improvement of vision and functions of the vestibular apparatus.

How to use: 
Rub in the cream in circular motions on biologically active points 2 times a day.

Expert’s commentary: 
A massage of biologically active points with “ Api-Cream” will help to manage headaches caused by vascular spasms, restore energy and vigor.
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