Cream "Vitus-Factor" (50ml)

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The formula includes: pollen (pollen pellet), beeswax, honey, pine gum, propolis extract.... more

Product information "Cream "Vitus-Factor" (50ml)"

The formula includes: pollen (pollen pellet), beeswax, honey, pine gum, propolis extract.

According to statistical data, nowadays nearly half of married couples have difficulties with conception. Reproductive health is a fragile thing, which needs support, but for some reason people rarely think about it in advance.

If you plan adding a new member to your family you should unfailingly devote some time to a comprehensive examination, give up bad habits, try to keep to a healthy diet. Additional measures won’t hurt: for example taking in natural products facilitating achievement of your cherished goal.

“Vitus-Factor” cream by TENTORIUM® is based on natural components: propolis and pine gum, which have anti- inflammatory and antimicrobial effect. A massage with propolis- based cream stimulates male sexual activity and female reproductive performance.

How to use: 
as daily applications for 10-14 days.

Expert’s commentary: 
The components of the cream have analgesic and antispasmatic properties, provide hemostatic and regenerative effect. Propolis and pine gum are traditionally used topically in cases of vascular diseases – thrombophlebitis, varicosity.
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