Honey Compositions "Meadow" (300g)

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The formula includes: honey, pollen (pollen pellet). Weakness, sleepiness, absent-mindedness,... more

Product information "Honey Compositions "Meadow" (300g)"

The formula includes: honey, pollen (pollen pellet).

Weakness, sleepiness, absent-mindedness, endless amounts of things to be done, but you are totally exhausted – that is familiar, isn’t it? If in the morning you are dragging yourself out of bed as Munchausen out of the swamp, this mere fact surely doesn’t mean that you are ill, but there is a shortage of necessary nutrients and vitamins in your body. Oriental men of wisdom in such cases told with confidence: “Listen to yourself, your body itself will hint what it needs”. May be, it is enough to open a tube with honey and pollen composition “Meadow” by TENTORIUM®.

What a wealth of aromas and rich summer taste is there in this honey composition! And there are at least as much vigor and energy! One teaspoonful is enough to provide the body with forces for new achievements.

Apart from the general strengthening health-improving effect, honey coupled with pollen has a beneficial effect on digestion and helps to protect liver against the influence of adverse factors.

How to use: 1 teaspoonful 1-2 times a day 30 minutes before meal.

Expert’s commentary: 
Honey and pollen have general strengthening action, improve appetite, further an increase of vessel elasticity, normalization of fats’ metabolism, improvement of the cardiac function, while due to the balanced content of micronutrients and vitamins they further improvement of blood composition.
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