Honey Composition "Apitok" (300g)

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The formula includes:  honey, royal jelly, propolis. Our physical activity and good mood... more

Product information "Honey Composition "Apitok" (300g)"

The formula includes: honey, royal jelly, propolis.

Our physical activity and good mood largely depend on the normal flow of metabolic processes. Good digestion, activity throughout the day, sexuality and joy of life – all of that directly depends on our metabolism. In the period of seasonal diseases any “breach” in the body’s defenses is unallowable, therefore it’s better to take care of health strengthening in advance with the use of natural roborant immunomodulatory products.

Ancient cultures used royal jelly as such product. Back at those times it was the symbol of vital energy and therefore was frequently used as a remedy prolonging youth. Being available only for kings and major noblemen it was priced at a fortune. Luckily, now this valuable substance is available to us and its beneficial action was proved by competent doctors long ago.

How to use: 
1/2 teaspoonful 2 times a day 30 minutes before meal before noon sublingually.

Expert’s commentary:
The ingredients of the honey composition “Apitok” will help to considerably decrease the risk of development of cardiovascular diseases due to reduction of blood viscosity, they stimulate hematopoiesis in a natural way, gently normalizing metabolic processes.
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