Honey Composition "Apiphytotonus" (300g)

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  The formula includes:  honey, royal jelly, pollen (pollen pellet). “The most... more

Product information "Honey Composition "Apiphytotonus" (300g)"

 The formula includes: honey, royal jelly, pollen (pollen pellet).

“The most important thing is to stay in good shape!” We often hear such secret of longevity and health. It means that one should aspire to be active, vigorous and full of energy!

Plants and honey helped our ancestors to fight ailments and filled them with vital forces. Nowadays nature comes to aid us too, reminding of a simple and efficient recipe – “Apiphytotonus” complex by TENTORIUM®! Api — bee and phyto — plant components relieve fatigue, increase working capacity and improve sleep. The result is that the mind becomes clear and the body becomes physically vigorous!

“Apiphytotonus” will perfectly do for people who require balanced nutrition. It will provide additional support for pregnant women, sportsmen, schoolchildren and students.

How to use: 
1 /2 teaspoonful 2 times a day 30 minutes before meal before noon sublingually.

Expert’s commentary: 
The components of “Apiphytotonus” — pollen, royal jelly and honey — activate body defense properties in cases of mental and physical exhaustion, in the periods of emotional stress, when one works under extreme conditions.

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