Golden Series "Apiformula 3" (300g)

Tentorium Dragee "Die Goldserie Apiformula 3" (300gr)
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The formula includes: isomalt, pollen (pollen pellet), honey, propolis, extracts of... more

Product information "Golden Series "Apiformula 3" (300g)"

The formula includes: isomalt, pollen (pollen pellet), honey, propolis, extracts of immortelle, camomile, mint, fennel fruits, dandelion and licorice roots, wax

The fact that health is the most valuable asset for everyone has been an axiom for centuries. Indeed, a haealthy person is happy, satisfied and lives an active, full life. 

Unfortunately, the world has ailments of the global scale. Thus, according to statistics data of the World Health Organization, the incidence of diabetes mellitus among adults is 9%! So how can one make oneself safe from appearing in the risk group? 

First of all, we should take care of health of the pancreatic gland, small intestine and large intestine. The golden series “Apiformula 3” by TENTORIUM® will ensure the prophylaxis! A combination of isomalt and beekeeping products in the dragees normalizes the carbohydrate metabolism and improves functioning of the pancreatic gland.

How to use: 
It’s recommended to take 1 teaspoonful of the dragees 3 times a day 30 minutes before meal.

Expert’s commentary: 
the components of “Apiformula 3” dragees regulate functioning of the small intestine and improve digestion with underlying enzymatic impairment, they also have anti-inflammatory properties.
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