Berry Boom (180g)

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The formula includes: berries of chokeberry tree, cranberry, cowberry, honey, propolis... more

Product information "Berry Boom (180g)"

The formula includes: berries of chokeberry tree, cranberry, cowberry, honey, propolis extract, vitamin complex.

Vegetables, fruits and especially berries – that is what comes to mind when speaking of vitamins. Berries beat almost all competitors in terms of the content of beneficial substances. It was noted long ago: children, eating bounties of nature immediately “from the bush” in summer, fall ill less frequently and recover more quickly in winter. Adults are less lucky – there is no one to advise them: “Eat berries, there are vitamins in them.” Furthermore, one might have no time at all to rustle in the bushes for a while, and even might have no access to them: a city dweller is out of touch with nature. 

Sighing sadly? And here is the good news: one can and should return to nature while strengthening immunity and improving health! Enriched “Berry Boom” dragees by TENTORIUM® are for all those in need of additional vitamins.

How to use: 
It’s recommended to take 2 teaspoonfuls of dragees 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

Expert’s commentary: 
Berries of cranberry, cowberry and chokeberry tree, included to the formula of the dragees, are rich in valuable micronutrients, organic acids, phytoncids. “Berry Boom” was created to support the immunity, physical and mental activity.
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