Api - Spira (300g)

Api - Spira (300g)
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The formula includes:   pollen (pollen pellet), spirulina, propolis, honey, beeswax What... more

Product information "Api - Spira (300g)"

The formula includes: 
pollen (pollen pellet), spirulina, propolis, honey, beeswax

What a metropolis is? Lights of advertisements, alight windows of infinite high-rise blocks, torrents of cars... And hundreds of thousands of city dwellers, who spend their winters without seeing white snow. Alas, dust, smog, exhaust fumes are inevitable concomitants of urban conveniences. 

Where can one find the balance between the rapid pace of a big city and safety of precious health? “Acquire a suburban house”, some people advise. “Spend a vacation as far as possible from civilization”, the others add. “Take a closer look at one’s mode of life and diet!” TENTORIUM® recommends. Healthy sleep and good nutrition – that is the basis of well-being. Honey, propolis and spirulina in the formula of “Api-Spira” dragees will help to return the appetite for life! 

Honey will provide the body with balanced nutrition, propolis will strengthen the immunity, and spirulina will help to make up for shortfall of minerals and micronutrients, as it contains calcium, magnesium, iodine, as well as В, С, Е vitamins and beta-carotene.

Recommended daily dose:
For children: 1.70g
For adults: 6.75g
The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

Expert’s commentary:
the vitamin and mineral complex in the formula of “Api-Spira” dragees will be particularly beneficial for city dwellers.
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