Dragee "Api-Elite" 300 g
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  • TM1433
The formula includes: natural honey, pollen, propolis, phytocomponent (extracts of birch buds,... more

Product information "Api-Elite"

The formula includes: natural honey, pollen, propolis, phytocomponent (extracts of birch buds, elecampane root, calendula flowers, sandy everlasting, corn, hyperici herba, blindweed, milfoil, common horsetail, knotgrass, wild rose fruits), beeswax.

A special complex of natural phytoextracts and beekeeping products makes a beneficial effect on the immune system of the body, furthers gentle and safe weight management. Ingredients of the botanic mixture provide a general strengthening effect, normalize metabolic processes in the body. Pollen and honey are rich in nutritive substances: amino acids, micronutrients, vitamins, healthy carbohydrates which are easily digested by the body, increase mental and physical activity. Beekeeping products combined with phytocomponents act as an efficient and safe- health instrument for managing of one’s weight.

How to use: 
It’s recommended to take 1 teaspoonful of the dragees 3 times a day 30 minutes before meal 

Expert’s commentary: 
The product is indispensible for people aiming to be always fit. The dragees are used for weight management, safe weight reduction and increase, normalization of metabolic processes in the body.
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