Cowberry (180g)

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The formula includes:  cowberry fruits, extract of cowberry leaves, propolis, pollen... more

Product information "Cowberry (180g)"

The formula includes: 
cowberry fruits, extract of cowberry leaves, propolis, pollen (pollen pellet), honey, beeswax

Cowberry is a real record-breaker when it comes to its health improving properties. Our ancestors used to take in its fresh berries and decoctions in cases of hypertension, kidney issues, poisonings and vitamin insufficiency. Nature, being the best healer in the world, helped them to take care of their health. Nowadays, a city dweller already doesn’t know how to prepare healing decoctions of cowberry with honey. But the time-tested remedy hasn’t been forgotten. Everyone, for whom health is precious, remembers it and always has by hand a jar of berry dragees “Cowberry” by TENTORIUM®. The complex of components in the formula of the dragees has a positive effect on the immunity, will do for adults and children with kidney failure.

How to use: 
1 teaspoonful 2 times a day 30 minutes before meal before noon.

Expert’s commentary: 
Cowberry is a remarkable berry, protecting body cells against the devastating effect of free radicals. Moreover, cowberry has antipyretic and diuretic properties which were skillfully used even by our ancestors.
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