5 tips from ТЕNTORIUM®: how to maintain eyesight

According to numerous scientific researches eyesight has proved to be the most informative out of all five human receptors. About 90% of information from external world people perceive through eyes.

Every second Thursday of October World Health Organization celebrates the World Day of Eyesight. This day is meant to highlight the eyesight issues, to help those with impaired or atrophied vision. Among most significant features of the World Day of Eyesight are special events aimed to promote healthy life style and eyesight diseases’ prevention.

Statistics from the International Blindness Prevention Agency is truly disappointing: about 285 million people in the world have various eyesight problems. The same statistics proves though that most of the problems are easily avoided by means of some prevention methods.

Various educational events aimed at eyesight diseases’ prevention are traditionally held in the framework of the Day together with charity diagnostics campaigns.

International company TENTORIUM® regularly joints the World Day of Eyesight actively promoting healthy life style and wellbeing. Based on the thorough scientific research it creates products aimed to protect and maintain healthy eyesight.

Below you will find 5 main rules from TENTORIUM® which will help to keep your eyesight healthy and sharp for a long time.

To have a regular ophthalmologist’s examination

It is recommended to visit an ophthalmologist not less than once a year. A regular eyesight and eye ground check-up helps to identify potential problems at early stages and to start a timely treatment.

To give up bad habits

All doctors are unanimous proclaiming nicotine and alcohol as damaging factors for a healthy eyesight. That is why it is worth giving up those bad habits in favor of safety and long and proper functioning of one of the most important receptors in human body.

To consume products maintaining and improving eyesight

Among well-known products good for eyesight are carrot, blueberry and bee polen. They contain anthocyans, carotenoids, zinc, vitamin А and omega-3 fatty acids. These components contribute to retina vessels strengthening, protect it from computers’, mobiles’ and light lamps’ radiation, help to improve night vision and prevent eye inflammation. Based on the scientific data proving beneficial effect of those active components for healthy eyesight TENTORIUM® created two blueberry-derived products: «Blueberry» dragee and «Blueberry Pollen» which compose a complex of vitamins and useful components for maintaining eyesight.

To limit everyday usage of electronic gadgets

To preserve good eyesight, one should avoid long hours in front of TV sets and electronic play stations. It will also be good to use modern monitor and high quality programs while working on computer. Take a rest and relax every 45 minutes not to make your eyes tired from monitor light and constant tension. Make a simple eye gymnastic for 5-10 minutes: wink, look from left to right and up and down several times, close your eyes with your palms and relax.

To protect your eyes from ultraviolet light

If you spend a lot of time under the sun, you should remember that ultraviolet radiation speeds up development of cataract and causes the damage of cornea. That is why it is recommended to wear good quality sun glasses while being under the sun which restrain UV rays and reduce highlight brightness.

Following these simple rules from TENTORIUM® you will keep your eyesight sharp and healthy for a very long time!

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