Let the heart serve for a long time

September 29th is World Heart Day. As planned by the organizers - the World Heart Federation and the World Health Organization - this day should draw attention to the serious danger that cardiovascular diseases pose for humanity.

More deadly than an atomic bomb?

Heart and blood vessel diseases are still the main cause of death for people around the world. They cause about half of all the dead on Earth: 17.5 million people a year. And if you do not take the necessary actions, then by 2030 this number will be 23 million human lives. The lion's share of deaths is the result of a history of coronary heart disease and hypertension, with its complications - myocardial infarction and stroke.

In Russia, from 850 thousand to 1.3 million people a year die from cardiovascular diseases. The population of a large regional center! In total, more than 24 million people suffer from heart and blood vessel diseases in Russia.

And if earlier heart diseases were called “problems of the older age”, now they are becoming the lot of very young people, including children and adolescents. Moreover, young people survive a heart attack and other heart diseases even harder than the elderly. After all, over the years, the cardiovascular system adapts to pressure surges and produces alternate paths for blood flow. And for the young, this defense mechanism is not yet available.

Six "golden rules" of a healthy heart

The mass of the heart does not exceed 350 g, its size corresponds to the size of a fist. And this tireless natural motor pumps almost 10 tons of blood a year! In order to not have heart failures, it is vital to strengthen and maintain the cardiovascular system in his youth.

According to the World Heart Federation, 80% of cases of premature death from cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle. You have to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Give up bad habits. Alcohol, nicotine, nightlife greatly complicate the work of the cardiovascular system.
  2. Move more. Sports, daily walks, bike rides strengthen the cardiovascular system. The gold standard of physical activity is 10,000 steps a day.
  3. Take care of sleep and rest. You need to sleep 8-10 hours, while you should go to bed not later than 23.00. Outdoor recreation is good for the heart.
  4. Fight stress. The statement “all diseases come from the nerves” is more than relevant for the health of the heart and blood vessels. Strengthen the nervous system. Control your emotions, learn to think positively.
  5. Know your numbers. Do not neglect regular medical examinations. Try to maintain normal blood pressure, monitor the level of cholesterol and blood sugar. Remember that excess cholesterol accumulates on the vascular walls, preventing blood flow, which leads to serious complications.
  6. Eat right. Make your diet varied and balanced. Include more fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, cereals and sea fish in your daily menu. Limit the use of salt, flour and sweet products, fatty and fried foods. Abstain from the use of strong tonic drinks. For normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels, vitamins and antioxidants are vital. Regular intake of vitamin complexes and dietary supplements helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, while helping the heart effectively.

Beehive – a friend of the heart For centuries, beekeeping products have been used to maintain the cardiovascular system. Large-scale clinical studies, the results of scientific experiments repeatedly confirm the healing power of TENTORIUM® apifitoproducts created on the basis of honey, propolis, royal jelly, bee venom, flower and bee pollen, chitosan and extracts of medicinal plants.

For many years, TENTORIUM® has been systematically conducting research on the development of products that support the cardiovascular system. As a result, products appear that help restore and maintain the health of millions of people in many countries around the world.

According to the results of a scientific study on the basis of the Ugra College Boarding School of the Olympic Reserve, it was proved that the TENTORIUM® set of apifitoproducts contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular risk. The research results are confirmed by a patent. This innovative development of the Company attracted the attention of scientists, leading experts of Russia in sports medicine and received the highest marks and full support.

For those who are always on the move and whose heart is working at full capacity, TENTORIUM® has developed the “TENTORIUM Wellness" Active Complex. It charges with energy for a long time and is guaranteed to improve the performance of the cardiovascular system. This high-tech innovative product was among the 100 best goods of Russia in 2015.

The Honey composition "Apitonus" with royal jelly and propolis is effective for the prevention of vascular atherosclerosis, for angina, as well as in the recovery period after a heart attack and a stroke.

The syrup "Sorbus" and the syrup "Hinazi Balm”- natural remedies for a mild reduction in blood pressure and vessel strengthening.

The dragee “Formula of Ra” based on bee pyralid retardant helps to normalize blood pressure, reduces the risk of thrombus formation, and prevents age-related changes in blood vessels.

The “Tentorium Plus” dragee, containing pollen rich in microelements and vitamins, improves the metabolic processes in the heart and helps to normalize the heart rhythm. This wonderful product strengthens the capillaries and improves blood circulation.

TENTORIUM® products are not only useful and safe, but also very tasty. They are used with pleasure by both adults and children.

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