The moisturizing effect of Ovotelle is clinically proven in TENTORIUM® products

Dermatologists and cosmetologists of the Medical Center of the Scientific and Practical Center for Expert Evaluation of the Quality and Safety of Food and Cosmetics “Cosmoprodtest” (Moscow), included in the register of the Customs Union, conducted an independent laboratory study of TENTORIUM® with Ovotelle. Laboratory studies have shown that a product with a natural hypoallergenic ingredient made from quail egg yolks perfectly moisturizes the skin!

As a result of the daily use of this product during the month, 93.3% of the subjects noted an increase in moisture and improvement of the overall condition of the skin, and another 86.6% - an increase in its elasticity.

The basis of the new cosmetic product is a special oil made from quail egg yolks, obtained by the company patented in a gentle way - the Ovotelle component. It is through this ingredient that the permeability of the skin to moisture and nutrients is greatly increased. Yolk oil from quail eggs is valued for its unusual properties. The lipids contained in the oil are similar in structure to the lipids of human skin, so they easily bind with each other and restore the protective barrier of the skin, as well as prevent negative external influences. In addition, falling on the surface of the skin, quail egg yolk oil forms two layers: the top one is hydrophilic and the bottom one is hydrophobic. Thus, moisture from the outside enters the deep layers of the skin and is securely held inside.

Also, the composition of the new Ovotelle includes natural active ingredients: honey, extracts of propolis, chamomile and sea buckthorn seed, shea butter and sweet almond, which gently moisturize and nourish the skin. Honey is used as a cosmetic since ancient times and has long gained deserved popularity for its properties. After all, it is a universal tool that can be used to moisturize and nourish any type of skin. Honey has antibacterial properties, relieves irritation, and antioxidant - prevents premature aging of the skin. Propolis, which is famous for its antiseptic properties, enhances the effect of the Ovotelle component on skin permeability and acts as a natural preservative.

As shown by clinical studies conducted at the Cosmoprodtest Medical Center, the new product from TENTORIUM® with Ovotelle effectively softens and moisturizes the skin, so experts recommend it for intensive care and restoration. For the first time, the novelty will be presented at the Apimarathon of the company!

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