Time to grant a second youth

On October 1, the Day of the Elderly is celebrated in more than 30 countries of the world.

It is noteworthy that this holiday appeared spontaneously - first in Europe, it then spread to the North American continent. The UN Assembly in 1991 actually legalized what had already taken root in the world.

Respect and esteem of elders, caring attitude towards those who gave life are embedded in the traditions of all nations of the planet. The people of the older generation are the solid foundation of every nation. Their wisdom, rich life experience is precious for the development of any state.

Studies have found that one of the most acute problems of older people is the sense of loneliness. They want to be in the thick of things, to benefit, to be needed by someone.

They are in dire need of expressions of our love and care. And even minor signs of attention give them great joy. The day of the elderly person is a wonderful occasion to remind our parents and grandparents about how we love and appreciate them, how grateful we are to them, how much we cherish them.

Old age is not a reason to give up active life. Helping older people to stay healthy, full of strength is the holy duty of one's nearest and dearest.

A perfect gift for any retiree on the Day of the Elderly will be special programs for the multipurpose improvement of the body from the TENTORIUM® company. They are very convenient for use, because they contain clear schemes for receiving health-improving products. These kits consist exclusively of natural components - beekeeping raw materials and medicinal plant extracts.

Each of these programs helps to normalize the work of certain organs, and at the same time, provides general support to the body.

As you know, "all diseases come from the nerves." In old age, the state of the nervous system especially affects the general state of health.

Anti-stress toning program is great for replenishing vital forces, for strengthening the immune system and relieving nervous tension. It effectively helps restore and strengthen the nervous system.

The program includes a dragee "Tentorium Plus", containing vitaminized pollen and thick propolis extract. This is a great gerontological agent that slows down the aging process, replenishes energy reserves, restores the disturbed metabolism, strengthens the capillaries, improves microcirculation in the brain vessels. This elixir of youth has a positive effect on the body during stress, neurasthenia, and increases resistance to negative environmental factors.

The “A-P-V” balsam that is part of the program is a powerful immune system modulator that is famous for its regenerating properties and neutralization of toxins.

"Tentorium" cream relieves nervous tension and promotes deep relaxation.

In 15 days, the active components of the anti-stress toning program can reduce the level of stress hormone - cortisol, overcome fatigue, significantly improve the immune system, cause a surge of vitality. Pollen, propolis, bee venom, linden flower extract trigger the mechanism of complex healing and rejuvenation, which has a long-lasting effect.

Legendary products: dragee “Tentorium Plus”, “A-P-V” balsam, “Tentorium” cream - provide antioxidant and anti-stress support to the body, slow down the aging process, help restore metabolism.

Such programs for multipurpose rehabilitation debug the work of all internal systems of the body, like an experienced tuner, under whose sensitive fingers even the most rattling grand piano gets a “second life”.

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