How to avoid a stroke?

October 29 is World Stroke Day. The global epidemic of this terrible disease the World Health Organization announced back in 2004.

Every year, 6.7 million people on the planet die from a stroke. And if earlier this ailment hemmed in mostly elderly people, now even schoolchildren are subject to it. 30% of cases of the disease occur in quite young people aged 30-40 years.

According to the World Health Organization, every sixth inhabitant of the planet falls ill with a stroke, every 6 seconds on the planet someone dies of a stroke.

In Russia, this disease annually kills more than 200 thousand people. Only 8% of stroke survivors are fully recovered. 70% become disabled, 20% cannot walk on their own.

Every minute counts!

Stroke is an acute violation of cerebral circulation. When a part of the brain suddenly stops being supplied with blood, the cells of the gray matter die. Since the functions of these cells vary greatly depending on location, the symptoms of the disease can be very different. Memory, speech, sight, hearing, ability to voluntary movements and many other things can be broken.

Most strokes are due to a blockage in the lumen of a blood vessel. Cholesterol plaque or thrombus can act as a "plug". Sudden destruction of the vessel feeding the brain leads to even harder consequences.

When a stroke occurs, there is only 3–6 hours of the so-called “therapeutic window”, when it is still possible to save the patient, help the brain cells recover.

Despite the sudden onset of symptoms, a stroke cannot be called a rapidly developing disease. The acute period, as a rule, is preceded by a long process of gradual destruction of the vascular system.

And here it is difficult to overestimate the importance of prevention. According to the World Health Organization, preventive measures can reduce the incidence of stroke by 80%.

Bees save human life

First of all, you need to carefully monitor your blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. After all, at high pressure, a dangerous pathology develops: in a short time vessels are narrowed and damaged. And excess cholesterol accumulates on the walls of blood vessels and forms plaques that can disrupt the blood supply to the brain.

Beekeeping products have proven themselves to strengthen and repair vessels. Their influence on the body is carefully studied by TENTORIUM® specialists in collaboration with leading Russian scientists. As a result, TENTORIUM® products are emerging that help restore and maintain the health of millions of people.

The natural sorbent - bee chitosan - effectively cleans the blood vessels from excess cholesterol, binds and removes slags and toxins - it expels everything that can accumulate, poison the body and cause many ailments.

Chitosan safely locks in itself dangerous substances. When the nuclear submarine “Komsomolets” sank, “traps” with chitosan cartridges were installed in its ventilation system to absorb radioactive particles. It worked. Environmental monitoring shows that there is no leakage of radiation into the sea.

Chitosan is usually harvested from crustacean shells, but bee chitosan turned out to be much better, and not so expensive. In the balm "Ap-iHit" the effect of chitosan is repeatedly enhanced due to the presence of the extract of the Siberian fir, which has a tonic effect. These components help cleanse and strengthen blood vessels, improve blood microcirculation, relieve vascular spasm, and normalize blood pressure.

Tentorium products containing honey, propolis, bee pollen are reliable helpers in the prevention of stroke. The components of which are discussed above contribute to lowering cholesterol in the blood and reducing atherosclerotic plaques, thin the blood, significantly improve the condition of the capillaries and blood vessels. In the balm "A-P-V" and honey compositions Tentorium these products are contained in high concentrations, but the champion among them is the Active Complex Tentorium Wellness, a product containing a full range of beekeeping products and other useful products, such as for example shilajit, eleutherococcus and pine nuts. Convenient packaging of this product makes it a favorite not only for children, but also for people living the nonstop rhythm of the modern world.

Champion Menu

Strong, elastic vessels, enduring heart - without this “gentleman's set”, it is impossible to claim sports victories. Developing a line of sports nutrition, TENTORIUM® conducted extensive research on the basis of the Ugra College Boarding School of Olympic Reserve.

As a result, TENTORIUM® apifitoproducts set has been proven to prevent cardiovascular risk (that is, the likelihood of occurrence of cardiovascular pathologies). The research results are confirmed by a patent for an invention. This innovative development of the Company has received government support, high marks from scientists, leading Russian sports medicine specialists.

Of course, this product is suitable not only for athletes. “The new word in sports nutrition” is the traditional TENTORIUM® products that have been preserving the health of millions of people all over the world for more than a quarter of a century.

On the basis of the verified formulation of the components of this food complex, the Wellness program “F 25 Activation” was developed, activating the internal resources of the human body. All components of this program complement and reinforce each other's actions, showing brilliant results in general health improvement and especially in strengthening the cardiovascular system.

The Tentorium Adaptive balsam, which is part of this program, contains shilajit, eleutherococcus and propolis water extract, which help to cope with intense physical and mental stress, strengthen the heart and blood vessels.

The unique natural ingredients of the dragee “Tentorium Basis” stimulate metabolic processes in the body, activate the basis of life activity.

The composition “Tentorium Energy” containing honey, pargu (a storehouse of essential amino acids) and royal jelly (the strongest natural biostimulant) energizes and helps protect vessels from damage.

Deep relaxation and removal of fatigue occurs during a massage with Tentorium Relax cream containing propolis, bee venom, horseradish extract and Siberian fir. Wellness-program "F 25 Activation" is a powerful tool for recovery, to stimulate the work of all systems and organs of the human body.

Eight rules of stroke prevention from TENTORIUM experts

  1. Monitor your blood pressure. Stroke often becomes a complication of hypertension. TENTORIUM® approved products: Formula Ra pills, Sorbus syrup, Hinazi Balsam syrup - contain components that contribute to the normalization of blood pressure.
  2. Watch your blood cholesterol level to prevent atherosclerotic plaque formation. Natural ingredients of balm "Api-Hit" help to maintain normal cholesterol.
  3. Watch the level of sugar in the blood, do not allow the appearance of diabetes. This disease leads to serious pathologies of the cardiovascular system. Effective remedies for the prevention of diabetes mellitus: balm "Api-Hit", balm "A-P-V", dragee "Apiformula 3. Golden series" by TENTORIUM®.
  4. Give up smoking. Toxic substances in tobacco smoke become destroyers of blood vessels.
  5. Do not abuse alcohol. The risk of stroke is highest in the first hours after drinking.
  6. Follow the basic principles of healthy eating. Limit the use of sugar, salt, saturated animal fat. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  7. Exercise. Moderate exercise reduces the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.
  8. Visit your doctor regularly to correct risk factors for stroke. Strictly follow the recommendations of your doctor.

Join the fight against stroke! Do everything to ensure that you and your loved ones are avoided by this ruthless ailment.

Live happily ever after! And your faithful helpers will help with this – the natural, effective TENTORIUM® products.

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