What is the use of quail eggs?

The second Friday of October is an unusual day. It is World Egg Day, which was proposed to celebrate by the International Egg Commission back in 1996. In fact, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate such a day. After all, the nutritional value of eggs, their usefulness and availability make this product one of the main sources of health and beauty in all countries of the world.

The beneficial properties of eggs became known to people many centuries ago. Especially often in Egyptian papyrus and in recipes of Chinese traditional medicine quail egg is mentioned.

Here are some facts about quail eggs that make scientists and ordinary people admire this product:

  1. It is completely hypoallergenic, ideal for baby food.
  2. It contains highly valuable digestible protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants in the right proportions for the needs of the organism.
  3. Quail eggs were included in the diet of children exposed to radiation after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant: their general condition improved, their hemoglobin level increased, their headaches and fatigue disappeared. Biochemical analysis of blood did not reveal abnormalities in its composition.
  4. Propionic acid, histidine, vitamin PP, amino acetic acid and vitamin В₄, which are part of a quail egg, contribute to increased sexual potency and a favorable course of pregnancy.
  5. Godsend for athletes: this is a unique protein product, 80% absorbed by the body, which is important for muscle growth.
  6. It is proved that quail eggs have a positive effect on the development of mental abilities of children. In Japan, the mandatory daily use of 2-3 pieces of quail eggs is even one of the 12 major laws of the country!
  7. Tyrosine, which is part of a quail egg, allows you to maintain a healthy complexion. Therefore, in the European perfumery industry, components of quail eggs are included in many expensive brands of cosmetics. Also, tyrosine suppresses appetite, helps reduce fat deposits and improves the functions of the adrenal, thyroid and pituitary glands.
  8. The shell of a quail egg consists of 90% of calcium carbonate.

TENTORIUM®, based on the scientific data on the value of this product, has developed several truly unique formulations that combine the benefits of quail eggs and bee products. It is especially important that the TENTORIUM® products use natural quail eggs from their own agro-complex.

The secret of beautiful skin - the patented component Ovotelle

Ambroise Paré, a French surgeon who is considered one of the fathers of modern medicine, used egg yolk to heal military wounds, the same method used by the ancient Romans 1000 years before. Egg oil has its own section in the work "Alchemy" (approximately 400 BC) regarding its effectiveness in regenerating the skin and cell membranes. Therefore, it was the quail egg yolk oil that became the basis for the TENTORIUM® skin care line, along with the apicomponents.

The specialists of TENTORIUM® comprehensively studied the beneficial properties of quail eggs and developed a unique ingredient - Ovotelle. This patented component is obtained from the quail egg yolk by cold extraction. The name of the ingredient, as well as the natural component itself, is the intellectual property of the company.

The unique production technologies of the company made it possible to use this component in the production of cosmetics, retaining all the useful biologically active substances contained in the quail egg yolk.

Ovotelle adds additional properties to cosmetics:

  • high moisture;
  • deep penetration into the layers of the epidermis, which cannot be achieved by other means;
  • help in the fight against signs of aging skin;
  • hypoallergenic ingredient Ovotelle.

The high moisturizing properties of Ovotelle are confirmed by the results of clinical studies: as a result of daily use of the cream with a unique ingredient for a month, 93.3% of the subjects noted an increase in moisture and improvement in the overall condition of the skin, and another 86.6% increase in its elasticity.

TENTORIUM® products with Ovotelle - revitalizing creams “Chilidonia Ovotelle”, “Api-Bust Ovotelle”, Ovotelle hand cream, have high diffusion properties, effectively affect skin cells at the molecular level, penetrate deep into the epidermis. Usually, in order to achieve this effect, you need the intervention of professionals or a visit to cosmetology rooms.

TENTORIUM® products, which have absorbed all the benefits of quail eggs, you can purchase in the official online store of the company – www.tentorium.tv

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