Quality of products is the way to success!

November, 9 is traditionally celebrated as International Day of Quality, initiated by European Organization of Quality (EOQ) in cooperation with United Nations in 1989. The day is of vital importance for everyone: quality in modern society is closely related to the benefits of the civilized world, to the new standards of life. It is not by chance that 70 European and Asian countries with different development levels annually join this day. For the world community it gives one more reason to re-comprehend the quality level of modern goods and services and to decide how it should be in future. Another important idea of the day is customers’ demands, expectations and satisfaction level increase.

TENTORIUM® company proves by its own example – there is no limit for perfection in products quality and production safety for customers and environment. Its products fully meet customers’ demands and expectations. Currently clients from about twenty countries can rate their quality. The summons of TENTORIUM® quality are clear and simple. These are: innovation technology, exclusive factory equipment and high professionalism of the company employees who generate bright ideas for creation of unique world class products.

TENTORIUM® RULAND factory, being the only one in the world to process the whole range of beekeeping products, functions in full accordance with the world security standards HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Permanent monitoring is being exercised to control all security parameters. All ingredients are processed on a high tech and ultra-modern equipment designed by German engineers with no analogue in the world. All these methods ensure the production of safe and high-quality TENTORIUM® products.

“For us to achieve the highest quality means to increase production effectiveness, preserve resources and maintain competitiveness allowing us to step into new markets. Our production is permanently modernized, while vast scientific researches allow us to widen our unique product line which currently boasts more than 100 articles. I am absolutely sure: quality made – made for success. And the history of our company proves it firmly”, - says director of the factory Alexander Gruzdev. “Quality for us is a standard which we aim to and which we guarantee in our products”, - comments Irina Khismatullina, Innovation director TENTORIUM®, Candidate of Medicine.

“Quality and honesty” – is the moto of TENTORIUM® company. It has been proved in practice – this is a direct way to success and wellbeing.

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