TENTORIUM company has been working on the market since 1988. Started virtually from one beehive within three decades the business has evolved into an international company having a high standard production and service centers in 13 countries. Since February 2017 after signing an exclusive partnership contract with Synapsy Life Solutions a new page of TENTORIUM history has been opened. Currently the company operates in all European countries.

For million people today TENTORIUM means sustainable business, unique products and the only one factory in beekeeping industry processing all known beekeeping and natural phyto-products.

TENTORIUM Products’ Catalogue

ТЕNTORIUN has been actively promoting philosophy of wellness and wellbeing. It creates and produces high-quality products maintaining health, beauty and longevity.

Apart from the main products – honey, beeswax and propolis – pollen, royal jelly, bee bread and even wax moth extract are actively used while manufacturing the products. Every lot of the raw material is being processed through a two-level laboratory quality control before it further becomes a component of a unique TENTORIUM product. Such strict approach guarantees safety and high effectiveness of the products.

Each TENTORUIM product is a result of a thorough scientific research, all being based on the formulation, well developed and clinically tested by the USSR Science and Technics State Committee. TENTORIUM currently is producing more than 200 types of various products.

TENTORIUM RULAND unique factory

TENTORIUM RULAND factory, being the only one in the world to process the whole range of beekeeping products, functions in full accordance with the world security standards HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Permanent monitoring is being exercised to control all security parameters. All ingredients are processed on a high tech and ultra-modern equipment designed by German engineers with no analogue in the world. All these methods ensure the production of safe and high-quality TENTORIUM products.

According to the president of the Federation of World Beekeeping Associations (Apimondia) Jile Ratia, who has visited more than 200 honey processing factories in 130 countries, TENTORIUM RULAND is the best factory in the world processing the whole range of api-products.

TENTORIUM products

There are three main principles TENTORIUM production is based on:

  1. Traditional recipes originating since olden times and borrowed from our ancestors who widely used a real treasure of the nature – bee honey.
  2. Advanced technologies developed on the latest scientific achievements.
  3. Multilevel quality control system in accordance with ХАССP standards.

There are also some fundamental differences between TENTORIUM products and other analogues:

First, various TENTORIUM honey-based mixtures are produced using ultra-sound homogenization which is blending with the help of high-frequency vibration not with heating (as other companies do). The thing is that being heated to 45 degrees honey turns into a simple protein “composition” losing its curative properties.

Second, among the components of TENTORIUM products are special phyto-extraits that function as a transport of valuable micro-components, carrying them to a targeted organ.

Third, thanks to brand-new technologies TENTORIUM specialists manage to extract major propolis’ s valuable ingredient – artepillin C which comprises 5% out of propolis overall weight. The use of artepillin C in TENTORIUM production increases its products’ effectiveness by 10 times.

Fourth, TENTORIUM truly cares about preserving honey healing properties for a long period (up to one year). The secret which makes it possible is a special micro-spherical cover composed of beeswax and propolis which is used while producing dragees. This cover preserves honey benefits in TENTORIUM products protecting them from negative effect of humidity (pollen has hydrophilic property), air and light. Similar products produced by other companies have shelf life no longer than two weeks.

Fifth, TENTORIUM is the only company having the technology of dilution propolis in water due to which it is by 100% digested by the human body. The thing is that propolis contains resins. People used to make spirit-based liqueurs from propolis or consume it fresh while resins remain and they start to “block up” kidneys and vessels – the way we cause damage to ourselves while not even suspecting it. Propolis produced by TENTORIUM does not have this serious disadvantage, it is pure.

TENTORIUM range of products

The company has created and produces about 200 various products based on all currently available in beekeeping industry materials. It has the following main production lines:
- Honey and honey compositions
- Balms
- Nourishing dragees
- Creams
- Wellness programs

TENTORIUM products: indications and contra-indications

Huge amount of nutritional substances (more than 400) contained in honey-based products are beneficial in complex therapy of many health problems. TENTORIUM products are compatible with all medicines and indicated for treatment of:


TENTORIUM products contra-indications:

- allergy to honey and other products’ components;

professional medical advice is required during pregnancy and with diabetes ill patients.

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