Protein Shake B.N.R.G. (BeEnergy)

Proteinshake B.N.R.G. (BiEnergie) (500g)
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The formula includes:  royal jelly, hydrolyzed collagen, inulin, wheat dietary fibers... more

Product information "Protein Shake B.N.R.G. (BeEnergy)"

The formula includes: 
royal jelly, hydrolyzed collagen, inulin, wheat dietary fibers (bran), cacao dietary fibers, fructose, vitamin C (ascorbic acid). 

Over the last years protein shakes have taken a strong presence in the diet of people interested in healthy lifestyle. And it makes sense; it is protein that is insufficient in our regular meals. 

The thing is that traditional animal sources of protein contain too much fat and cholesterol, whereas vegetable sources are inadequate in terms of amino acid composition.   

A new solution by TENTORIUM® will help you — a tasty, nutritive and low-caloric mixed drink “B.N.R.G. BeEnergy”! Enriched with easily digestible protein, this mixed drink with agreeable chocolate taste is equally beneficial for sportsmen, office workers, children and elderly people.

“B.N.R.G. BeEnergy” mixed drink will stand in good stead even for people who are nowhere near sport, serving as a light snack — it will satisfy hunger and won’t add any fat.

How to use: 
In order to get a thick drink, dissolve 20 g of the concentrate (5 heaped teaspoonfuls) in 200 ml of drinking water or milk, stir thoroughly. In order to get a weaker drink, dissolve 2.5 teaspoonfuls. 

Expert’s commentary: 
One portion of this mixed drink enriches the body with vegetable proteins, dietary fibers and vitamin С. Therewith, it contains only 62 kcal.
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