ApiFit Cocktail TriO (70 g)

ApiFit Cocktail TriO (70 g)
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Ingridients : Goutweed leaves, Lady's-mantle leaves, Blowball leaves, Burdock leaves, Clover... more

Product information "ApiFit Cocktail TriO (70 g)"

Goutweed leaves, Lady's-mantle leaves, Blowball leaves, Burdock leaves, Clover herb, Ribwort leaves, Pectin, Propolis, Cranberry fruits, Cow-parnsnip herb, Honey, Althaea essence, Hypericum essence, Milfoil essence, Camomile essence, Liquorice essence, Coriander CO-2 essence

The balanced mixture of wild herbs, plant extracts, propolis, honey and cranberries strenghtened by sun energy and filled with the vitality of chlorphyll, offers a triple effect: Cleansing, rehabilitation and rejuvenation. The verified product formulation bases on ancient culinary traditions, history and modern research with practice.

The term "Trio" contains three main objects which are achieved by regular use of the product.

The first "O": cleansing - is achieved by the richness of wild plants that improves bowel motility, normalizes digestive processes and detoxifies the body (detox effect)

The second "O": wellness - in a synergistic effect of vitamins, minerals and nutrients the body and its immunity is strengthened. The cocktail helps for: normalization of sleep, energy and endurance. It also supports weight control.

The third "O": rejuvenation - the clean solar energy enclosed in the chlorophyll and the antioxidant effect of propolis protect the cells from aging and contribute to their renewal.

How to use:
Base variant: Mix a teaspoon of the product with 250ml water, milk, tea or any other drink and mix with a blender 3-5min.

Cocktail with fruits: Mix a teaspoonful of the product with 400ml of water, add 150g fruits of your choice and mix with a blender 3-5min.

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