Program "Express cleaning"

Program "Express-Reinigung des Körpers"
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There are many signs that your body needs thorough cleansing. Unpleasant taste in the mouth,... more
Product information "Program "Express cleaning""
There are many signs that your body needs thorough cleansing. Unpleasant taste in the mouth, flatulence, frequent indigestion, change in colour of the face, etc. To help the body, there are different types of cleansing - traditional, Tibetan, etc. We would like to introduce you to the program of rapid cleansing given to us by nature itself. The cleansing must begin with the intestine. The intestine has the most toxins, waste products and various parasites.  

Due to irregular and poor nutrition, the food cannot be completely digested. It causes the food leftovers to "rot" and poison our body. The poisoning of the body leads to overweight, headaches, lethargy, apathy. In addition, the poisoning of the body can also cause very serious diseases. 

Next, start cleaning the liver. Contaminated liver cannot cleanse the blood properly. It causes the toxins to contaminate the whole body. In addition, the liver secretes bile, which promotes the breakdown of fats. However, a blocked organ is not up to this task. 

Even in ancient times, people sought and found ways to clean their bodies. We, as "Tentorium", have developed the product for this - balsam "Api-Hit"

The balsam "Api-Hit" is an innovative combination of chitosan and Siberian fir extract. Chitosan has established itself as a unique substance that binds and removes toxins in the body, removes excess cholesterol from blood vessels and supports intestinal microflora. 

The second element of the Express program is ApiFit Cocktail "TriO"

The first "O": cleansing - is achieved through the abundance of wild plants, which improves intestinal motor function, normalizes digestive processes and detoxifies the body (detox effect). 
The second "O": Wellness - in a synergetic effect of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, the body and its immunity are strengthened. The cocktail helps for: Normalization of sleep, energy and endurance. It also supports weight control. 
The third "O": rejuvenation - the clean solar energy contained in the chlorophyll and the antioxidant effect of propolis protect the cells from aging and contribute to their renewal. 

Recommended use: 
Balsam "Api-Hit": It is recommended to add 5-7 drops to a warm drink and take 3 times daily 30 minutes before meals. 

ApiFit Cocktail "TriO": Mix one measuring spoon (5g) with 250ml water, milk, tea or other drink and mix with a blender for 3-5 minutes. It is recommended to take regularly 2 times daily. 

The program consists of
  • 2 x Api-Hit" (15 ml) 
  • 1 x ApiFit Cocktail "TriO" (70 g) 
The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded. Keep out of the reach of small children. No substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle. 

Do not store above room temperature.
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