Propolis cream with bee venom (80 ml)

Product information "Propolis cream with bee venom (80 ml) "
Propolis cream with bee venom - the anti-inflammatory all-rounder for joint, back and muscle pain. Convince yourself of this natural pain-relieving cream. 

Mobility is a real, incomparable pleasure. When muscles and joints ache, the simplest everyday movements can turn into great strains. This is especially true for people who suffer from tension, pain in the joints and muscles. In such moments, one wishes for a natural and safe remedy that brings quick relief. 

On the market today, one finds a multitude of "heat" creams that are supposed to help with joint problems and joint pain and promote regeneration. Among nature's gifts, there is one substance that has a long-lasting, pain-relieving effect. Propolis cream with bee venom can bring about relief as an accompanying therapeutic measure for inflammatory rheumatic complaints. The cream contains a combination of bee venom, propolis and beeswax and thus contains only natural ingredients. These have blood circulation-promoting properties and produce relief from pain in the affected muscles and joints. The propolis cream with bee venom can help to relax the muscles and relieve inflammatory rheumatic complaints. 

Furthermore, the cream has proven itself as an accompanying treatment for arthrosis and is now used by many physiotherapists. Bee venom has an analgesic effect, helps with pain in joints and knees and promotes muscle relaxation. 
  • Bee venom ointment has an anti-inflammatory effect and is recommended for accompanying treatments for osteoarthritis, back and muscle pain. 
  • Cream with bee venom, propolis and beeswax contains only natural ingredients. Therefore, daily application of the cream is recommended for at least two weeks. 
  • An alternative of the traditional horse ointment, sports gel, devil's claw ointment for those who want to fight pain in a 100% natural and organic way in the long run 

Vegetable oil, beeswax, horseradish extract, purified water, camphor oil, propolis extract, bee venom, CO2 lime blossom extract. 

Propolis cream with bee venom has a soothing and nutritive effect and can also be used for massage purposes 

Expert advice:
Propolis Cream with Bee Venom combines small portions of bee venom with other valuable bee products (propolis and beeswax). This product helps with pain in the joints and muscles, as well as promoting better blood flow.

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