TENTORIUM® Triumphs at Apimondia

For 45 years, Tentorium has been offering over 200 products made from bee products worldwide. Now available exclusively in Germany. 

At the largest beekeeping industry fair, Apimondia 2017, Tentorium won three gold, one silver, and one bronze medal. Representatives from 45 countries competed for medals and the recognition of Apimondia, the right to be considered the best in the beekeeping industry. More than 1,000 exhibits were presented at the congress. According to the organizing committee, this number was reached for the first time in the history of the competition. TENTORIUM® traditionally participated in the congress.

At Apimondia 2019 in Montreal, representatives from 80 countries competed with more than 6,000 attendees for awards. The company presented its innovative products, interesting ideas, and the best beekeeping developments. TENTORIUM® won two gold and one silver medal!

Unique Tentorium Russia Factory

All our products originate from the Tentorium factory in Perm, built by German engineers from the Ruland company. Together, they developed a modern production facility for apiphytoproducts with specially tailored process technology. TENTORIUM RUSSIA is the only factory in the world that processes the entire range of beekeeping products.

The company conducts constant monitoring, overseeing safety parameters. All ingredients undergo high-tech processing using the latest technology. All products are produced according to HACCP standards.

According to the opinion of the President of the World Beekeeping Federation (Apimondia), Gilles Ratia, who visited more than 200 processing and honey processing plants in 130 countries, TENTORIUM RUSSIA is the world's best factory for handling a complete range of bee products.

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Tentorium Products

TENTORIUM actively spreads the philosophy of wellness, producing and creating high-quality products to maintain the health, beauty, and longevity of humanity.

In addition to the main products such as honey, wax, and propolis, they also use pollen, bee bread, pollen baskets, zabrus (the top layer of beeswax), drone milk, and drone jelly. Each group of raw materials undergoes a two-stage laboratory quality analysis control before becoming part of the unique TENTORIUM product. Such a serious approach ensures the safety and high efficiency of the products.

Every TENTORIUM product is the result of deep scientific research. This research is based on recipes and clinical studies conducted by the State Committee for Science and Technology in Russia. Nowadays, TENTORIUM produces over 200 different products.

In Russia, traditional folk remedies using bee products have been produced since time immemorial, reflecting the special love of the Russian people for bee products. Propolis is traditionally used there as a natural oral and dental care product.

Production of TENTORIUM Company

There are three main principles that form the basis for the production of TENTORIUM products:

  1. Traditional recipes from the depths of the history of our ancestors who used the natural "treasure" - bee honey.
  2. Modern technology based on the latest scientific discoveries.
  3. Multistage quality control system according to international HACCP standards.

There are fundamental differences between products from Tentorium and those from other comparable manufacturers:

Firstly, various honey compositions from TENTORIUM are made using ultrasonic homogenization. This means they are made using high-frequency vibrations rather than heating (used by other manufacturers). The reason is that honey undergoes the state of ordinary protein at a temperature of 45 degrees, losing its healing qualities.

Secondly, special phytoextracts are used in TENTORIUM preparations, playing the role of transporting valuable trace elements to the respective organ.

Thirdly, thanks to the latest technologies, TENTORIUM can isolate the key valuable propolis ingredient - Artepillin C (equivalent to 5% of the total mass of propolis). The use of Artepillin C in the production of TENTORIUM products increases their effectiveness by a factor of ten.

Fourthly, TENTORIUM ensures the preservation of the medicinal properties of honey for a long time (up to a year). This is achieved by creating a special microspheric shell with wax and propolis in the production of dragees. This wax casing preserves the quality of TENTORIUM honey medicines, protecting them from the harmful effects of moisture (hydrophilicity occurs in pollen), air, and light. Similar products from other companies have a shelf life of no more than two weeks.

Fifthly, TENTORIUM is the only company with the technology to dissolve propolis in water, making it fully absorbed by the body. Let us explain this in more detail. Propolis contains resins in its composition. Previously, and in other products, people took and take propolis diluted with alcohol or simply pure. The remaining resin clogs the kidneys and blood vessels. Therefore, people unknowingly harm themselves. TENTORIUM's propolis does not have this serious drawback due to its water solubility and is therefore healthy.