A Samurai Breakfast with Strong Health Benefits

Traditional Japanese Food

The traditional Japanese food Natto has a long history as a tonic and horse feed. Today, Natto is seen as a valuable dietary component for people looking to benefit their internal organs and bones.

Studies have shown that Natto contains a variety of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, and has a number of positive effects on health. Here are some of the benefits of Natto supported by studies:

Studies show:

- Stimulating the intestines

- Strengthening bones

- Providing enzymes

- Lowering blood pressure

- Dissolving blood clots

Overall, Natto is a balanced and nutrient-rich addition to a healthy diet.


The Human Immune System and Probiotics

The human immune system is a complex network of cells, tissues, and organ systems aimed at protecting the body from damage caused by pathogenic microorganisms and other threats. An essential component of the immune system is the intestinal flora, consisting of the microorganisms that live in the human gut.

Probiotic bacteria play a crucial role in promoting a healthy intestinal flora, thereby supporting a robust immune system. A healthy intestinal flora eliminates putrefactive bacteria or fungi, and the resident "benign" bacteria trigger immune responses throughout the body against "hostile invaders."

Recently, connections have been identified between a low content of probiotics in the gut and conditions such as anxiety, depression, autism, and other mental disorders. This suggests that a balanced intestinal flora also influences our psyche, and adequate intake of probiotics may be important for maintaining healthy mental function.

Understanding the importance of a healthy intestinal flora for the function of the human immune system and mental health is crucial. It is advisable to take measures to maintain a balanced intestinal flora, such as adopting a healthy diet, supplementing with probiotics, and, if necessary, seeking targeted treatment.



A Natural Blood Thinner

What is Nattokinase?

Nattokinase is an enzyme that forms during the production of Natto. It is created through the fermentation of boiled beans with specific bacteria (Bacillus subtilis). Nattokinase possesses fibrinolytic properties and can dissolve blood clots, acting as a natural blood thinner. It is taken as a dietary supplement for the prevention of cardiovascular problems.

Blood-thinning medications are a widespread measure to prevent cardiovascular diseases, strokes, and embolisms, which are among the most common causes of death worldwide. An alternative to this is the intake of Nattokinase as a dietary supplement with fibrinolytic properties.

This means that Nattokinase is capable of dissolving blood clots, thereby having a blood-thinning effect. As a natural source of blood thinning, it is particularly taken for the prevention of cardiovascular problems.

However, it is important to note that Nattokinase should not be considered a substitute for prescription blood thinners, and consultation with a doctor is always necessary before taking it. It is also important to note that the effectiveness of Nattokinase as a blood-thinning agent continues to be scientifically investigated.


Studies on the Effect of Bacillus subtilis Natto on the Human Body

Bacillus subtilis Natto is an essential component in the production of Nattokinase, a natural blood thinner. The process of fermenting soybeans with Bacillus subtilis Natto has a long history, originating from the use of rice straw as a fermentation medium. Today, the beans are mostly "inoculated" with cultivated bacteria to expedite the process.

Scientific research has shown that Nattokinase possesses fibrinolytic properties, meaning it can help dissolve blood clots. Furthermore, studies have indicated that Nattokinase can inhibit carcinogenic substances and slow down the aging process, attributed to its content of saponins.

Another notable property of Nattokinase is its high content of antioxidants, especially selenium. These substances protect cells from attacks by free radicals, contributing to overall better health.

Natto also contains a significant amount of Vitamin K, recognized as one of the key vitamins for regulating blood clotting. It is one of the highest forms of K vitamins found in foods, making it an important component of a balanced diet.

Bacillus subtilis Natto plays a crucial role in the production of Nattokinase, whose health benefits have been confirmed through scientific research. It serves as a natural alternative to synthetic blood thinners and can contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


Nattokinase or Pure Natto - Which is Better?

While Nattokinase is an enzyme found in Natto, consuming Natto directly can also provide the benefits of its positive effects. A study has shown that regular consumption of Natto (12 g per day for 12 weeks) has advantageous effects. It has also been observed that in Japan, the risk of stroke and mortality decreases with the consumption of Natto.

In addition to Nattokinase, Natto also contains significant amounts of Vitamin K2, making it a healthy dietary source. However, Natto is challenging to obtain in Germany, and many people dislike its strong, unusual taste. It is also not suitable for individuals with soy allergies as it is made from soybeans.


How Does Nattokinase Work?

Nattokinase is an enzyme responsible for the breakdown of proteins. It primarily acts as a blood thinner by dissolving blood clots and also leads to the formation of peptides with fibrinolytic effects. These peptides further thin the blood and inhibit substances that raise blood pressure. Therefore, taking Nattokinase helps lower blood pressure.

Nattokinase also offers other benefits, such as preventing blood clots, cleaning blood vessels by dissolving fibrin, and increasing "good" HDL cholesterol. Compared to chemical medications, Nattokinase works longer and more effectively, stimulating the body's self-healing process.


Nattokinase by Heilnatura

A Comprehensive Overview of the Bio-Product by Heilnatura


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Human well-being is greatly influenced by a balanced diet and a healthy immune system. In this context, Heilnatura's Nattokinase is a high-quality organic product that convinces with its numerous health benefits.

Nattokinase is produced from certified Japanese soybeans that are free from genetic engineering. These beans are processed according to the traditional Japanese recipe "Natto" to obtain the high-quality enzyme Nattokinase. The gentle freeze-drying of the extract allows for optimal preservation of enzyme activity.

As an organic product, Nattokinase is an excellent source of nutrition for Bifido- and Lactobacteria in the intestines. These bacteria play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy intestinal flora, which is necessary for the optimal functioning of the immune system.

In summary, Heilnatura's Nattokinase is a recommended organic product that convinces with its quality and effectiveness. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their health and strengthen their immune system.