The arsenal of TENTORIUM® wellness products comprises more than 200 items. However, the most well-known and best-selling cream throughout the company's existence has been and still is the Propolis Cream with bee venom - a universal remedy for any recovery program. Once used, many people remain loyal to it for a lifetime. 

This cream is truly capable of miracles. Its formula is based on the developments of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, which were widely used in Kremlin medicine. Effective formulations with beekeeping products were accessible only to a narrow circle of party elites for many years. Thanks to TENTORIUM®, these formulations - enhanced by modern scientific research - have become accessible to everyone.

How does Tentorium Cream work? 

  • Alleviates pain, tension, and fatigue
  • Has anti-inflammatory and itch-relieving effects
  • Promotes the dissolution of salts on joint surfaces
  • Stimulates blood circulation and metabolism in tissues, thins the blood
  • Improves heart function, lowers blood pressure, prevents blood clot formation
  • Stimulates the gastrointestinal tract and liver, has an antispasmodic effect 
  • Contributes to improving skin condition
  • Enhances the overall resilience of the body

L'effet curatif puissant de cette crème est principalement obtenu grâce à la présence de venin d'abeille - le produit apicole le plus fort et efficace de tous. Même la plus petite quantité de cet ingrédient actif a un impact significatif sur le corps humain.

Déjà dans l'ancienne Égypte, le venin d'abeille était utilisé pour traiter de nombreuses maladies. Le sage Hippocrate traitait ses patients avec des piqûres d'abeilles. En Russie, on connaissait les bienfaits de l'apiculture, et l'on disait : "Celui que les abeilles piquent, Dieu le plaint!"

On sait que le tsar russe Ivan le Terrible était traité avec des piqûres d'abeilles pour la goutte.

Le venin d'abeille soulage l'inflammation et la douleur, stimule la circulation sanguine et a un effet positif sur le fonctionnement de nombreux organes.

Il est crucial que le venin d'abeille contribue à transporter les ingrédients actifs dans la peau, renforçant ainsi l'effet des autres composants de la formule de la crème.

Propolis in the cream helps to increase the protective barrier of the skin. This active ingredient effectively combats inflammation, heals wounds well, and has antioxidant properties.  

The beeswax contained in the cream has a soothing effect on the skin: it makes it soft, protects it from moisture loss, and harmful factors.  

Horseradish extract in the cream strengthens tissue blood circulation, activates metabolic processes, increases the absorption of active ingredients, and has bactericidal properties.  

Unique in its composition, the cream with bee venom contains no colorants or preservatives. It only contains natural components from environmentally clean areas.  

Propolis Cream is a great helper for people of all age groups. It is even safe for babies, pregnant women, and nursing mothers. It is used for both professional massage and home use, including applications and rubs. It is very useful to use this cream for general tonic massage for infants - especially rub it into the feet, where there are many active points. 

The Propolis Cream with bee venom is becoming increasingly popular among athletes. As part of a large-scale scientific study at the Yugra Olympic Reserve Boarding School, the high effectiveness of TENTORIUM® Apyphito products in improving the health of athletes and enhancing athletic performance has been proven. 

Among the products recommended for use in all phases of sports preparation by the company is Tentorium Cream. It has proven itself as a general tonic and sports massage: it warms up the muscles, relieves tension and pain in muscle tissue after intense physical activity, accelerates the absorption of hematomas, and has a fast and stable regenerative effect. The regular use of this cream strengthens muscle tissue and eliminates symptoms of physical fatigue.

How to apply the cream? 

  • Apply the cream to the selected area at least twice daily using massaging, rubbing motions. 10 days of massage, followed by a 10-day break (during which the cream can be applied in the form of applications).
  • Maximum duration of cream application: 3-4 months without interruption. 
  • For upper respiratory tract conditions, apply the cream to the nasal mucosa and chest area 3-4 times daily for two weeks.
  • In case of sore throat, it is necessary to dissolve the cream the size of a match head under the tongue. 
  • For sinusitis, cold, acute and chronic otitis media, apply the cream to the sinuses and frontal sinuses, nasal mucosa, and around the ear. 
  • For gastrointestinal and liver disorders, rub the cream at least twice daily in the area of their projection.
  • For joint and spine diseases, use the cream for both rubbing and application.
  • For gynecological conditions, apply the cream to the sacral area and the lower part of the abdomen.
  • Use the cream in the form of applications for skin conditions (cuts, cracks, pressure sores, trophic ulcers, facial inflammations, boils, etc.). 
  • For each application, only a small amount of cream is needed: simply apply a thin layer and rub it in until fully absorbed. 

Daily use of the cream massage effectively supports motor activity and allows maintaining high performance at any age. 

This amazing product has millions of followers worldwide. The propolis cream with bee venom gives you the joy of movement. A gift that, as you must admit, is invaluable for the life of all of us.