Dermatologists and cosmetologists of the Medical Center of the Scientific and Practical Center for Expert Evaluation of the Quality and Safety of Food and Cosmetics “Cosmoprodtest” (Moscow), included in the register of the Customs Union, conducted an independent laboratory study of TENTORIUM® with Ovotelle. Laboratory studies have shown that a product with a natural hypoallergenic ingredient made from quail egg yolks perfectly moisturizes the skin!
As a result of the daily use of this product during the month, 93.3% of the subjects noted an increase in moisture and improvement of the overall condition of the skin, and another 86.6% - an increase in its elasticity.
The second Friday of October is an unusual day. It is World Egg Day, which was proposed to celebrate by the International Egg Commission back in 1996. In fact, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate such a day. After all, the nutritional value of eggs, their usefulness and availability make this product one of the main sources of health and beauty in all countries of the world. The beneficial properties of eggs became known to people many centuries ago. Especially often in Egyptian papyrus and in recipes of Chinese traditional medicine quail egg is mentioned.
The eye is one of the most precious human organs. A person has 5 senses, but he receives 90% of information about the world through his eyesight. Eye diseases occupy the third place in the structure of disability of the adult population of the country, often become the causes of children's disability. That is why the question of creating a culture of preserving vision is so acute. Dragee "Blueberry" protects the eyes from fatigue, irritation and weakening, improves the adaptation of vision in the dark, helps to normalize the metabolism. The combination of two powerful components: blueberries and perga - helps to strengthen the walls of the capillaries of the retina, increases their tone, counteracts the occurrence of age-related changes.
Heart and blood vessel diseases are still the main cause of death for people around the world. They cause about half of all the dead on Earth: 17.5 million people a year. And if you do not take the necessary actions, then by 2030 this number will be 23 million human lives. The lion's share of deaths is the result of a history of coronary heart disease and hypertension, with its complications - myocardial infarction and stroke.
A perfect gift for any retiree on the Day of the Elderly will be special programs for the multipurpose improvement of the body from the TENTORIUM® company. They are very convenient for use, because they contain clear schemes for receiving health-improving products. These kits consist exclusively of natural components - beekeeping raw materials and medicinal plant extracts. Each of these programs helps to normalize the work of certain organs, and at the same time, provides general support to the body. As you know, "all diseases come from the nerves." In old age, the state of the nervous system especially affects the general state of health. Anti-stress toning program is great for replenishing vital forces, for strengthening the immune system and relieving nervous tension. It effectively helps restore and strengthen the nervous system.