Japanese Knotweed Extract BIO

Product information "Japanese Knotweed Extract BIO"
Japanese knotweed is an invasive plant species.

What is it good for?

Japanese Knotweed has been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese herbal medicine for centuries. The blood purifying property makes Japanese knotweed extract a valuable dietary supplement, but also to treat various health conditions, such as digestive problems, kidney problems, menstrual cramps, and skin conditions. In Western medicine, there have been few clinical studies on the effectiveness of Japanese knotweed.

 In herbal medicine, Japanese knotweed is often used for its health-promoting compounds. It is rich in polyphenols and has high antioxidant activity. Therefore, it is often offered as a dietary supplement in capsule form to provide the body with antioxidants and strengthen the immune system.

Ingredients per 1 drop:
alcoholic Japanese knotweed extract: 15.33mg

Recommended dosage:
2 x 20 drops


Alcohol, alcoholic Japanese knotweed extract

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